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Cases of furniture tours of our clients
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Больше 20 светильников и аналоги итальянских брендов: закупка для дома площадью 140 м²
2020-12-28 22:00:00
Марина и Виктор приобрели мебель, сантехнику, свет, декор и немного отделочных материалов. Мы работали без дизайн-проекта, только по референсам клиента и нашим каталогам.
В тур по совету строителя: закупка для дома площадью 500 м²
2020-12-01 11:00:00
Перед Виталием и Татьяной стояла супергеройская задача: времени на закупку мебели в Китае было не очень много, а вот позиций в списке покупок более 70.
Мебельщик обустраивает дом в мебельном туре: Сергей и его первая поездка в Китай
2020-11-30 10:00:00
«В Китае нет таких разговоров, что что-то нельзя сделать или найти» — так Сергей описывает возможности Поднебесной. Там он купил все для своего дома.
Case: how Natalya completed a house with an area of 1000 m² per week
2020-03-24 16:36:12
Natalia was faced with the task of equipping a house with an area of 1000 m² in the suburbs. She turned to the managers of MBL Tour for a consultation. Introductory ones: buy home furniture, lighting, garden furniture, decor and much more. Natalia immediately noted that she was not chasing “high-profile” brands. For her, in the first place, the quality of materials and exact compliance with
Case: customers have completed the town house and share tips with those who are going on a furniture tour
2020-03-24 15:08:32
When Marina and her husband turned to our company, it immediately became clear: they needed everything at once. And it is desirable in one place that the purchase of furniture and decor does not stretch for several more years. As Marina will share later, she was even a little disappointed that she dragged on so much with the furniture tour, because already at the finishing stage it was possible to
Our client’s case: “I sent the designer, and next time I'll fly myself” - Ivan about home improvement
2020-03-06 20:53:17
Ivan turned to the MBL Tour company on the recommendation of a friend. He was to complete a house of 700 m². Since the scale is impressive, Ivan mentally prepared for the fact that the budget would be menacing, but he managed to meet a much smaller amount, while “the house looks like a million.”
Our client’s case: how to start home improvement if it’s not yet completed?
2020-03-06 14:39:21
One month after contacting our company, Ivan and Natalya went on a furniture tour. The goal is to equip a 360 m² house. At that time, the object was at the final stage of construction, and it played into the hands. Firstly, it was already possible to make all the necessary measurements and plan the space. Secondly, furniture and finishing materials were delivered just in time for the completion

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