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Despite the fact that the Baroque style appeared in Italy, it is primarily associated with the magnificent apartments of the times of Louis XIV. It was thanks to the French king that Baroque, albeit not for long, was recorded in fashionable directions, and representatives of the nobility began to use its characteristic features for decorating houses.

The baroque interior cannot be confused with anything else: it seeks to emphasize the wealth of the owner with all its features. It is distinguished by the spatial scope of the premises and the luxurious decoration of marble, stucco and gilding. Baroque furniture is made from expensive and rare materials, decorated with gilded carvings and metal plates. The main decorative motif is the symbolism of the Sun King.

Now baroque is rarely found in its purest form. But in a modern house you can find a place for baroque furniture, if you can adapt it skillfully. There are compelling examples, such as the Louis Ghost Chair. Design designed by Philippe Starck specifically for Kartell.

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