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Almost all our customers bring cuisines from China, despite the fact that many, at the stage of preparation for the tour, I think that this is impossible or at least very difficult to do without problems. This is of course a myth and our customers confirm this. As part of the furniture tours, we have delivered more than a dozen kitchens. The main thing is to have a clear plan of the apartment with the exact size (in extreme cases, the sizes can be clarified after the tour).

Kitchens can be ordered of any complexity and design, from any materials and in any colors. Here you are limited only by your imagination and your requirements. In China today there are many kitchen manufactures that work with modern equipment and modern technologies. One such manufacturer is the OPPEIN factory, which is an example of exemplary production.

You can send a request to the overview catalog of kitchens from China, but here you need to understand that kitchens are always made according to individual projects. Catalogs serve only as an approximate guide to prices and assortment.

Also, if you already have a kitchen project or you know exactly what you want (there is a photo, a picture from the catalog) - we can make a miscalculation or pick up something close from our examples.

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