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Glass and diamond mosaics from China differ from the usual finishing material. In China, manufacturers offer a product that has no analogues in the world. Paintings and panels from mosaics from China are also presented in the catalog.

The number of mosaics in China is enormous. New items also appear quickly - it’s not so easy to keep track of all manufacturers and keep track of innovations. Therefore, we have collected in the review catalog Chinese brands offering their products to consumers from all over the world.

The catalog contains mosaics of various shapes, designs, colors, textures and materials. Mosaic is widely used in interior solutions of kitchens and dining rooms, bathrooms, pools and saunas, and can also become a design decision and create the necessary emphasis in the living room and even the bedroom.

Mosaic is a combination of small elements of one or different materials, the combination of which allows you to recreate a certain effect or even the whole picture.

Catalogs from manufacturers are updated frequently as model designs are constantly changing. We can make a catalog for you individually - pick up options, style, compliance with specified characteristics. We take into account all the wishes of the client.

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