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Marble is mined all over the world, but it is China that is today one of the world leaders in the supply of stone. In China, you can purchase marble in solid blocks and a ready-to-work slab of any kind at a low price.

Assortment of chinese marble

Marble from the provinces of China has a rich color palette, ranging from white, gray, ocher, black and ending with orange, blue and green.

According to the type of structure it is divided into fine-grained, medium and coarse-grained.

Marble can be with improved performance, that is, it can be further processed to increase strength, seal the top layer and create a protection that prevents the absorption of dyes in its structure.

However, the key role is played by color, structure and blotches, creating a unique pattern of stone.

Scope of application

Solid marble is used for the manufacture of sculptures, decorative elements, ornaments and patterns. It serves as a raw material for the manufacture of solid marble objects, such as columns, pedestals, bathtubs and sinks.

A slab, which is a slab, after a block of stone is cut into pieces, is used to clad stairs, fireplace portals, countertops, walls, columns and floors.

Marble is widely used both in the design of the premises and for the decoration of building facades.

Why marble is cheaper in China

The reason for the low cost of marble blocks and slabs is lower financial costs for its extraction in comparison with other countries. Also, the price tag is strictly regulated by the state, which does not allow the owners of deposits to unjustifiably overstate the cost of production. Enterprises in China carry out a full production cycle from mining to marble processing. Unlike other countries, in the PRC in this industry are not small, but large, high-performance companies. Therefore, Chinese marble is cheaper, but at the same time not inferior to raw materials from other countries, and often surpasses it in operational characteristics.

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