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Onyx is one of the valuable stones for interior decoration. And today the leader in its production and processing is China. Having large deposits of this stone, the Celestial Empire fills the world market with various onyx rocks in the form of slabs. Our company, located in China, helps private customers and large enterprises to buy this stone.

Why do many prefer such slabs? Because onyx has a number of advantages:

  1. A variety of drawings of natural origin (fits perfectly into any interior).
  2. No pattern is repeated twice (your plates will be unique).
  3. The wide range of applications (wall decoration, embedding slabs in a niche, kitchen worktops, bathroom).
  4. Excellent light transmission (the ability to decorate the house with onyx tiles with backlight).

Onyx is a great alternative to marble or porcelain stoneware. But there are many enterprises that offer products from this stone, as well as the stone itself. Therefore, it is impossible to fit the entire assortment into one catalog. Leave your request and our managers will send you an overview of the onyx catalog, as well as clarify your needs and make an individual selection.

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