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The modern style has no strict limitations: it was invented in order to somehow designate all those modern interiors that do not fit into the definitions of minimalism and hi-tech. Massive and affordable, it provides freedom in the choice of materials, furniture and decor.

The modern style in the interior is ideal for those who do not need a sophisticated interior, who like to often change the atmosphere and above all appreciate comfort. The lightness and simultaneous elegance of the style is explained by simple lines, harmonious forms, and neutral colors. For decoration use simple wallpaper, light tiles and wood in natural shades. Moreover, in such an interior there are sure to be several bright accents in the form of posters or a combination of various textures.

Another style feature is functionality. To save as much free space as possible, design niches, racks, built-in wardrobes and sliding structures. Interior items differ at reasonable prices - most often they are made from inexpensive wood, MDF, colored plastic. This section contains catalogs of furniture and accessories from China in a modern style.

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