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Quality control
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Furniture quality control in China, Guangzhou, Foshan

Order and wholesale furniture from China

One of the strongest fears of our customers is to get a manufacturing defect instead of high-quality furniture. And really, how can they not worry about their order? The factory is located in China - distance and lack of knowledge of the language automatically cancels the possibility of a return. With this text, we hasten to reassure you: everything will be fine. And that's why.

Firstly, you sign an international contract with us, with the MBL Tour company. The contract spells out our responsibility not only for manufacturing defects, but also for damage during transportation. We, in turn, conclude agreements with Chinese factories ... Therefore, we will ask them.

Secondly, in order to fulfill our obligations to you well, we have created a quality control department. From the moment the factory begins to manufacture the order, our employees carefully monitor the process. They regularly go to production, check the quality of materials and components, with a ruler (!) Measure compliance with the given dimensions. At each stage of manufacturing, we make a detailed photo report, which we send to our customers for control. And only after you approve the finished furniture, we personally pack it and load it into a container.

Speaking of packaging. Delivery of goods from China takes from a month to two, depending on your region. The transportation is long and difficult, so we pack each item in bubble wrap, polystyrene foam, foamed polyethylene, cardboard, if necessary - a plywood box or a wooden crate (depending on the type of product).

We promise to deliver your order directly to the door of the house - and we do it for a reason. Together with the cargo, our staff will come to you to accept the furniture. And the last one. Even if something goes wrong, you will find chips or scratches on objects, let our manager know about everything - we will fix, fix, glue. In general, in the case of a “joint”, we undertake all restoration work.

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