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Any buyer is primarily concerned about the price and quality of the product. China is the only manufacturer of home goods that can boast at the same time the latest equipment, high quality materials, modern design and prices below European. Those who do not pursue labels should not find Chinese furniture.

In the southern province of Guangdong there are more than 3,000 factories that produce interior items, decoration materials, decor, lighting and even plumbing. Limitless choice is another advantage of Chinese production. Furniture salons can significantly expand their range with products from China, and interior designers will surprise customers with original solutions that you certainly will not find in a neighbor’s house. Of course, the benefit of such an event as a furniture tour to China depends on the volume of purchases, but customers with a bulk order can expect to save up to 80%!

Since 2008, the company MBL Tour has been organizing wholesale deliveries of furniture from China. Our customers are confident in the quality of their order - a special control department monitors the production of each position in the factories. Thanks to our own warehouse in China, we can consolidate goods and check the reliability of the packaging before loading into the container. The successful geographical position of the country allows you to deliver goods by sea, rail and car. Our logistics department will calculate all the transportation methods so that you can choose the most suitable option. We will also take care of the customs clearance and shipment of furniture directly to the door of the office or facility.

Our company enters into an international agreement with the client, which contains all the guarantees. No italics and asterisks - in our work we adhere to complete “transparency”.

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